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3 Requisites for High-Impact Print Marketing

The most innovative creative strategies for multimedia marketing campaigns include print media components that engage consumers in a way that digital, by nature, cannot. However, as with any marketing method, even the most cutting-edge print media can still only be maximally effective when developed on a foundation of current marketing essentials.

To benefit our customers and site visitors, Biltmore Pro Print digital printing Phoenix offers this information on the three essential principles for modern print marketing success:

  1. Know Your Audience.

To communicate productively with consumers through print marketing, your message must be directed to, and received by the segment of the general consumer market that can be reasonably anticipated to have an interest in your business’s products or services.

If you are not entirely clear on who your target audience actually is, the first order of business is to find your target audience, by gaining insights into the average profile (buyer persona) of your existing base of customers.

Investing time in understanding the people who buy your products or services can be expected to return a great abundance of fresh ideas for product development, passive marketing through service upgrades, customer engagement initiatives, customer relationship management, and marketing and communications strategies.

So, prioritize learning more about your current customers, including their:

  • Broader tastes and preferences
  • Various related needs and interests
  • Relevant buying behaviors
  • Geographic location(s)
  • Other consumer information
  1. Engage Your Audience.

Consumers are bombarded with a daily onslaught of ads through TV, radio, web, print, public signage, merchandising, and other marketing channels. Yet, consider how many of those materials people are really likely to remember or act upon.

You may know your audience very well, however, your ads and messaging may be too complex to readily digest. To succeed, your ads and messaging must connect effectively with consumers.

  • Capture attention with design, color and expressive language to showcase your brand.
  • Communicate with short, simple, clear messages that get directly to your main point.
  • Offer messaging that people can appreciate on an emotional level.
  1. Choose Your Time and Place Carefully.

Marketers sometimes squander opportunities to get target consumers’ attention, by over-saturating their markets with marketing communications that do not accurately reflect their audiences’ interests, or that are out of step with their activities, or that do not even reach their physical locations. Why?

The solution in this case is very basic. Despite excellent products or services, and strong quality designs of marketing materials, brands too often realize little or no gains in their target market simply due to inappropriate timing or placement of print (or digital or any other) marketing materials.

Mailers, signage, posters, billboards, print ads, etc. can only be effective when these are:

  • Directed to a sufficiently large market base.
  • Appealing to the current or near future interests of intended audience.
  • Positioned in locations where they will actually be seen by the target audience.


Today’s cutting-edge companies have a wide open range of technological options for connecting with their target consumers. Print marketing strategies have evolved, along with other marketing modes, to provide modern businesses with ever-new and exciting applications of a medium that remains one of the world’s most reliable marketing channels.

In fact, in 2018, print stands out as the most time-tested of all choices of marketing methodologies. Print adds a spectacular dimension to modern multi-media marketing packages. Ask your Biltmore Pro Print digital printing Phoenix professionals to assist you in ensuring that your project delivers the full potential of information retention value and consistency of response rates that characterize the best of print campaigns.

The straightforwardness and benefits of print marketing strategies of have made print an enduring resource for branding and generating prospect traffic. For marketers who understand the fundamentals that support effective use of state-of-the-art print marketing resources, the possibilities for today’s advanced print media marketing options really are limitless.


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