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Advanced Management for Your Corporate Network

Advanced Management for Your Corporate Network

Managing a computer network is always a little bit tiresome: you need to do quite a lot of things to make it operate continuously. However, the problem can be fixed quite easily with the help of a kit of special software tools.

Today, we’re going to speak about such programs and will give you several tips on how to manage your network more effectively

Network Inventory Software: What Does It Do?

When you start to manage a corporate network, you are usually required to make a complete inventory list of things operating on it to see what you actually need to manage. In addition, you also have to investigate your network to be able to estimate its size correctly and plan its maintenance expenditures.

Of course, this work can be done manually, but you can hardly find a network manager nowadays who will agree to roam from room to room to collect inventory data. Most of companies around the world (even the smallest ones) prefer to use computers inventory software to scan their networks. These are inventory agentless programs or software with agents that is able to scan the network to detect all hardware and software objects operating on it. Using such kind of software seems to quite beneficial as:

  •         Your network will be investigated either with the help of a special bot (a scanning agent) or the scanning process will be initiated from the central installation. It means no human involvement is required;
  •         You may influence directly on the scanning process by determining the number of objects to be investigated;
  •         The results of the scanning process are often represented in the shape of a well-rounded and printable inventory report.

Network Deployment Software: How Can It Ease Your Life?

When you deploy a new software on the network, you often enhance its productivity in some way. However, this process often requires time and energy (especially, if the network isn’t a small one) in case its done manually. However, you may easily skip doing a tedious and unnecessary job by applying for a special deployment software.

These are special programs that are able to:

  •         Scan a corporate network operating on it to detect all dated and malicious programs;
  •         Deploy several different software programs simultaneously;
  •         Choose an appropriate installation mode and repeat it every time you need it.

Today, we have discussed several types of programs that can make your network management really advanced. We hope that our post will help enhance the efficiency of your work.


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