Advantages of using a CDN like JODI HOST

Advantages of using a CDN like JODI HOST

There was a time when it was acceptable for webpages to take more than a few seconds to load. But now the focus is on user experience which means the pages need to load lightning fast or the user won’t stick around for very long. A delay of 1% can lead to a loss of 7% in customer conversions. Edgecast CDN makes sure this doesn’t happen. Using a CDN will mean that your content is not hosted by a single server; instead it will be replicated and stored in multiple cache servers around the world, So, when a user is trying to look at anything on your website, the data is delivered to him or her from the server located nearest to them.

Here are some benefits of using CDN services

Global accessibility

About 35% of the world’s population uses the internet, but these internet users are spread all over the world and the number of users is only going up. Edgecast CDN will ensure that latency issues during online transactions don’t come up. CDNs establish points of presence all around the world thus minimizing the processing time for online sales.

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Quick response time

For an online business, nothing is quite as damaging as a website that lags. If it takes a lot of time to complete a transaction or download a file, then visitors will move on to other businesses providing similar products. Using a reliable and reputable CDN service will ensure that online transactions are lightning fast and seamless. It will also speed up downloads which will lead to better user experience and increased sales.

One plan has it all

A CDN gives you the ability to reach specific regions of the world with your business. Say you want to make it big in the Asian market, but you don’t have the services or infrastructure in Asia to properly carry out your plans. You will need to create duplicate websites in local language, set up a presence and make sure you are doing everything as per the rules of that country. A CDN company will already have the infrastructure and the expertise, and so you can skip all the hardship.

Value for money

If you invest in infrastructure for every region that you want to expand to, then you will be spending thousands of dollars, using CDN would mean that you won’t have to pay for local hosting in those countries.


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