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If you have some basic notions about WordPress, you must know already that there are a whole bunch of functionalities that you can add to your WordPress site. They do nothing more than making your site unique step-by-step.Powerful, flexible and easy to install, with WordPress you don’t have to be a software developer to create your original website and then maintain it in good function. Its simplicity resides in the simple interface which the majority of the users can handle by themselves almost immediately. Here are the amazing things you must know about WordPress:

  1. First of all, WordPress was created with the purpose of publishing content. Besides being the best and easiest solution for blogs, WordPress also acts as a CMS (Content Management System). This is the reason why you can have a forum, a gallery, a job board, a news site using just WordPress.Image result for AMAZING THINGS ABOUT WORDPRESS
  2. You can even create an invoice inside the comfort of your own home, right from your super-functional dashboard. PayPal still represents one of the most often used methods of payments, so just take advantage of it and invoice your clients.
  3. You can beautify your dashboard provided that you usually spend many hours working directly on WordPress. For this you need, of course, to download a fresh theme for the WordPress Admin or Backend. Its name is Forest Revolution WordPress Admin Theme which guarantees a relaxing view during your activity.
  4. If you run an online business or you just promote your products via online, it would be a good idea to install an Online Live Chat feature to your WordPress Site. Everybody knows that you need to take care of your customers who increase your sales and maintain your business alive.
  5. Building an online store is a piece of cake using the plugin WooCommerce, which is free. Moreover, users can add various features by means of multiple add-ons.
  6. If you need a forum running, you should look no more. The bbPress WordPress plugin makes things easier. You just need to choose which features you like: answers to specific topic, email notifications, different models of forums.
  7. Making money from your WordPress blog: the easiest way to do this is by affiliate links, ad spots, newsletters and giveaways.
  8. Embellish every page of your website by means of the Parallaxer WordPress plugin. The Parallax used to be dependent on a certain theme, but now it is available everywhere.Start showcasing your services and your work through astounding parallax scrolling segments and your visitors will come for more.
  9. Create a quiz with the help of a free tool, the Slick Quiz. This is a perfect method for designing quizzes and polls, with lots of questions. What is more, you can keep track of the users’ results and then share on social media.
  10. If you need a net of multiple sites, WordPress is again the perfect solution. This can be done only with one single installation, a feature which is available in WordPress 3.0. Once the feature is activated, WordPress will be capable of supporting an entire system of websites.

With such a diversity of functions and themes, publishing online with WordPress has become an experience that users consider to be pleasant, at the same time offering satisfying results. The almost immediate accessibility to various themes and plugins make the experience of using WordPress very compelling.  

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