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Beware Of Outsourcing to Anyone without Making Proper Research about Them

Even you might have heard of horror stories of outsourcing software development to some firms whose co-founders are non-technical. They try to build companies through outsourcing and then abruptly failing. If you are non-technical and try to start up a custom software development company, there is a very less chance of yours to become successful.

There are also stories of CEO of big custom software Development Company who helped the startup companies and guided them to success. If you want someone to help you build your product, you should give a deep thought to choose a partner.

  • A full-service company or a specialized one?

Small vendors have a small team and fewer jobs so that they can spend more time on your projects. Also, small software Development Company are more professional. This is what people think mostly, but it is a misconception. In the long run, you are going to work with someone in particular, and there is a little chance of such expertise, experience and skills to be found in specialized vendors. If you have good luck then might be you get one, but the chances are meagre. Now, as your business will grow and you will be in need of that additional skill sets to work with you. So, if you have hired small teams, you will have to add more developers from different places and that wouldn’t suit the other side and would create a mess and communication gap that you can’t afford.

  • Is it that early-startups can’t benefit from outsourcing?

The first thing is that other than developing there are some features of a software development company to do some routine jobs that don’t have much value. Therefore, it is suggested to offload those jobs to some external companies. Your best talents will serve your company this way to do the best in-house jobs and can put more efforts. Secondly, locally it is tough for a startup company to find talents because they are in high demand locally. Through outsourcing, you are getting a big area where you can search for those kinds of skills. Also, you can relocate the offshore team if you find it feasible.

  • What price should be asked to the company?

Startups should approach a fixed price quote for the type of work they would provide. This guarantees a fixed budget for you for your project whatever the actual time spent on the project.

  • Is hiring freelancer feasible:

The idea of hiring a freelancer who is a developer is not right. The reason is that freelancers are not dependable. What if at first, the project goes right for you after hiring the freelancer and then in the middle of the project your freelancer disappears. You search his Skype, Facebook, and multiple places and even call him and you don’t find him anywhere.

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