Can a CDN Help You Grow Your Company?

Can a CDN Help You Grow Your Company?

A CDN or Content Delivery Network is a network of servers scattered around the world and used for storing copied and cached files of the clients. Using such kind of services is able to speed up an online platform and provide a better user experience. However, it’s not the only pros you can get from dealing with a CDN company.

Today, we’re going to discuss the main benefits your company can get once you’ve decided to apply for a CDN.

Benefit 1: Web Performance Isn’t a Problem Any More

If you want to impress your potential online users, you have to make your site a speedy one. It’s important to do this because an average online user will wait no more than 2 seconds to let your site download. To meet up the requirements of your target audience, you may try to make some adjustments like squeezing your web files or cutting down the images. However, such actions are less effective than applying for a CDN service.

Once you’ve decided to try your hands with a CDN, you get an excellent opportunity to place your content on the servers located around the world and let your target audience download it from the server located not far from their place of residence.

Due to such a simple solution, you can:

  • Reduce the load on your initial server and cut down your hosting expenses;
  • Increase the number of requests;
  • Decrease the amount of package loss and enhance the quality of connection.

Benefit 2: CDN is Able to Improve Your SEO Ranking

Once you’ve decided to create an eCommerce website and promote your services with its help, don’t forget about SEO ranking: your potential clients won’t know about you unless they find your eCommerce web platform in the world wide web. Most of them may use Google Chrome for this purpose as it’s considered to be one of the most popular search engines among the online users around the world.

No one knows how Google sorts the information on the net and generates its search lists, although you may do something to enhance your Google rankings. What you can do is to make your online site a user friendly and speedy one with the help of a CDN.

Benefit 3: You May Enhance Your Security with the Help of CDN

If you want to ensure your potential clients that they are going to deal with a reputable company, you may try your hands with HTTPS: this internet protocol is considered to be the most securiest one at present, and you may easily implement it with the help of a CDN.

Here are the main benefits you can get if you start using a CDN.

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