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Choose your new phone system  

Are you considering replacing your office phone system?
Here are some tips that should help you. If you know the answers to the following questions, you should find a system that meets your needs more easily. But for your info, Yealink Distributor Dubai is one of the best providers.
First, list the features of your current phone system:
• How many phones do you need?
• How many people will you be using in 1-3 years?
• How many people are likely to use the phone at the same time?
• Can you indicate how your current telephone system no longer meets your needs?
Answers to these questions should give you an idea of the number of extensions (internal phone lines) and trunks (external phone lines) you need, as well as missing features.
Now, answer the following questions about your external calls:
• Do you have multiple offices? If so, how many calls are made between offices?
• Do you make international calls? How many ?
These answers will tell you the best way to route your external calls. In other words, what types of trunks do you need? You can save money by choosing to route certain calls over an IP network such as the Internet or the traditional PSTN network. Learn about existing computer systems. You can leverage your IT infrastructure to save money and add functionality to your phone system. Try to answer the following questions:
• What type of cabling is installed for the network?
• Does the cabling connect all offices?
• Do network switches support the Power Over Ethernet protocol?
The IT infrastructure will tell you if your network is suitable for IP telephones, which could save you wiring costs and simplify installation. Feel free to spend time studying the phone features you need. This will be very helpful. In doing so, think about how your employees work.
• Do some staff members often travel within the site?
• Are employees often away from their office?
• Do you employ teleworkers or site-based staff?
• Do you use computer applications to store contact information?
• Do you have a team to handle incoming calls?
• Do some users have specific duties, such as receptionists, call center supervisors, or staff working in harsh environments?
These questions will provide you with information about the capabilities of the applications and devices you need on an appropriate system, including CTI applications, voice mail systems, and soft key modules. Base your choice of PBX platform on these criteria early, rather than treating them as add-ons, to ensure optimal integration and ease of use.
Finally, do not forget to take into account your requirements in terms of installation and maintenance.

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