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How to Build Backlinks

If you want to increase your visibility online and get ranked higher by search engines, building a good backlink portfolio can prove beneficial. Here’s how.


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What Are Backlinks?

In order to build backlinks, it’s essential to understand what they are and how they work. According to Yell Business, backlinks are inbound or incoming links to your website from another place on the internet.

By adding a link on another website using relevant keywords or anchor text that directs users to your site when they click on it, you generate more visitors. Search engines like Google will rank websites according to the quality of the backlinks they provide, so if you want success at SEO, knowing how to build backlinks well is vital.

Building Backlinks

Since it’s not always easy to know how to build backlinks correctly, particularly when Google updates its algorithms regularly, it’s worth consulting experts in web development services in London. By using professional web development services in London, you have peace of mind that the right strategies will be employed when using backlinks. This is important, as the wrong use of backlinks could see your search ranking jeopardised.


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Crucially, when using web development services in London, experts can ensure you get a good range of backlinks coming from a variety of different web sources. This is something that Google favours when determining its rankings.

When building backlinks, it’s also important that you include your links on other sites that are reputable and highly regarded, as this will reflect well on your own site. Make use of any contacts you have in the industry to collaborate on link sharing, and try to make this as natural as possible, without appearing forced for the sake of including links. If not, search engines will cotton on to this and it won’t go down well. A good way to include backlinks naturally is by guest-blogging on other websites and including your link within the blog. The content you provide should be useful to audiences whilst showcasing your expertise in a subject.

One of the most important aspects for building a robust backlink profile is ensuring that you only add a link to those sites that are relevant to your own content. If they aren’t relevant, you won’t attract the right kind of audiences to your site, and search engines might penalise you.

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