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How to Get Done with SaaS Customer Onboarding?

Getting your client to adapt to the SaaS that they have just purchased is never easy. You start with getting them to follow these thinking steps:

  • Why should I use the software?
  • Should I learn all the features or just the core features (i.e. the useful ones)?
  • How do I apply the features in real scenarios?
  • How do I know which are the core features for my role of work?

The Concept of SaaS and Examples of SaaS

Some examples of SaaS that can be used by companies include:

  • Strategic planning for business
  • Project management and team communications
  • Employees’ performance monitoring
  • Sales tracing
  • Invoicing and accounting

But what is SaaS?

In the old years, software is purchased and loaded onto a client’s device or computer. The software is only accessible by the users per machine.

Nowadays with the SaaS model, it is subscription based. The software is most usually hosted in a cloud solution where it is highly accessible through internet connections (with a web browser). The advantage of this model is huge.

Office 365, Google Apps, and even Salesforce are some good software examples of the SaaS model.

The Approach to Onboarding the Users

Let’s get back to getting your customers to adapt using the SaaS, and you may want to go through the steps in user onboarding best practices.

It’s about making the learning or adaptation relevant to what the users will do in their role. If the users are to learn Microsoft PowerPoint 365 for the next 5 days, they must first know the software will help them create beautiful and professional presentation documents.

You already must have a good idea about the strategic approach. The next immediate step is to follow up with using a user onboarding tool. There are many tools that can do the work. Just get a tool that can easily be set up (or integrated) with almost no effort from your tech guys – For example, some tools allow you to simply insert a piece of pre-written JavaScript code and make a few clicks. So by choosing the tool wisely, you will save yourself a lot of trouble later.

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