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How To Get Your Dell Laptop Serviced Once The Warranty Period Is Over

Almost all the laptops come with a warranty of 1-2 years, which can be further extended for another twelve months by paying extra money. Just in case, you have a Dell laptop, known for its built quality and features, and its warranty is already over, then make sure you get it serviced carefully. There is no point in servicing it from a local shop which doesn’t have any authenticity. What you can do is focus on the points mentioned here to have a hassle-free experience-

Contact A Dell Service Centre

Even if your laptop’s warranty is over, make sure you go to a branded store for dell service. There are many authorised centres available in and around your area. All you have to do is collect information about them as soon as possible and give them a call. The best thing about getting your laptop serviced from a branded store is that you don’t have to worry about the authenticity of the produced used and skills of the people servicing your laptop. They are fully trained to repair Dell laptops and get product supplies straight from the company. So, there is nothing that you should worry about.

Take A Second Opinion From Your Contacts

Since Dell is a renowned company and many people use its laptops, look for someone in your contact list who has been an avid use of Dell products for a long period. If you know someone who fits in this criterion, then go ahead and take their opinion while searching for a Dell service centre. Maybe they have already been to a nearby service centre and can make your job extremely easy and hassle-free.

Besides, you can also check for available solutions online. There are plenty of resources in the form of digital magazines, blogs, websites and social media groups that can come handy. Give them a try as and when you need and have a great experience while trying to get your laptop serviced.

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