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How To Sync Up LG Android With A Mac Computer

The number of mac computer users has increased over time with people preferring them over technologies. Synchronizing your phone and laptop is a good way to create backup and store data easily considering that usually phones don’t have large storage space. In order to synchronize android LG with Mac, you may need to do a little research. The easiest go to solution is usually to look up solutions on the internet but sometimes they usually don’t work. There are several apps that can help facilitate the process and guarantee ease of use.


Syncmate, an app to sync LG with Mac is a super versatile app that can support several devices not just lg. The app offers the ability to mount the lg phones as mac disks. It enables you to use sms messages on the mac keyboard and at the same time manage your call history which can easily be exported to different text files. To top it all, it also offers data backup. With syncmate you can easily keep your mac computer up to date with new contacts, calendar date changes, new music, and files in your folders as well as browser bookmarks.

Cloud services

The best part about cloud storage is the accessibility in all devices and ability to share data across all platforms. It can be quite hectic to use as a sync tool but it’s an option. There are several cloud storages available such as Google drive and Dropbox. They both offer great storage and are easily accessible. Google drive has an advantage as it can work with contacts and calendars.

iTunes take a backseat

This app enables you to transfer media between your android phone and mac without the need for itunes for ios features. It doesn’t exactly help with synchronization but it’s good for files transfer.

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