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Importance of SEO

In the olden days, if advertising & marketing companies wanted to expand your customer base and to increase the footfall to your brick and mortar store, the best method would be to :

    1. Put up huge signs denoting the location
    2. Perhaps advertise in print media or
    3. Distribute pamphlets to where the targeted audience would most likely be found
    4. Advertise on the radio
    5. Advertise on TV, so on and so forth.

Making yourself know in today’s world

Today we live in a very different world. Most people are more in tune with the digital world than they are with print, or even the radio and magazines. The TV too is also losing its charm and clientele. Therefore, if you want to be found, you would need to increase the number of people coming to your site. If you want to increase the business, if you want to outdo your competitors and to get the largest slice of the pie, it is very necessary for you to advertise as per the new standards. This is through Search Engine Optimization.

What is meant by Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is the utilization of keywords which allows the search engines to pick up the website when someone searches on their search engine for certain keywords or a product or service. It is therefore of prime importance for a person to choose the correct Search Engine Optimization.

If they use faulty keywords, the result will be either that the website is not found by the targeted audience, the website is not found at all or maybe the website is listed perhaps on the fifteenth or twentieth page or  maybe even pages after that where most people would never even go through and subsequently never discover the site. Therefore whatever work has been put in would be lost.

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