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Incredible facts about the incredible Elon Musk’sGigafactory

Everyone knows about the Elon Musk and his innovative mind. He and his company always produce some mind boggling gadgets or services which make the whole world crazy. Maybe nowadays he would be in the news because of the launching of Tesla’s new car Model 3, but he and the Tesla are working on something so big that it never got even attempt by any company in the world. Yes! I am talking about the Elon’sGigafactory.

The Elon’sGigafactory is a giant battery plant situated in the Electric Avenue in Sparks, Nevada. The Elon and Tesla decided to build this giant battery plant after aiming to produce over a million vehicles per year. Now everyone knows the specialty of the Tesla cars which is auto-driving features and using electric batteries for power, that is why Tesla decided to build a giant battery for the power generation of its cars.

Because it is a huge, one of its kind and an incredible project, there are many interesting and incredible things too about this Gigafactory. I, a blogger for the SEO service UAE company is writing this blog in which you are going to read about the incredible facts about the incredible Elon Musk’s Gigafactory.

The size of the factory:

Everyone knows about the immensity of this project. However, very few people know that this factory is three times bigger than the Central Park New York. The before 2015 the actual site was only 1,000 acres big. However, in the June 2015, the company bought additional land of 1,864 acres which is now covered the total area of 3,000 acres. According to the Musk, this enhancement of the factory doubled its productivity.

World’s biggest footprint:

Just like the limits of Elon’s innovation, the size of the companies is still getting bigger and bigger every year. Because it based in a desert like area of Nevada, that is why it doesn’t have anything except the plain area in the surrounding that is why Elon is spreading this company and soon it will become the biggest footprint in the world. The Elon is planning to expand it to 10 million square feet. It already has enough space for 100 Boeing 747 jets.

It is an alien ship:

The size of the company and its structure is so big and immense that the employees of the factory and the Elonhecalls it as the “Alien Dreadnaught” or the alien ship. Elon told it to the press in his company’s third quarter earnings call of 2016.

It can sustain biggest earthquakes:

Despite having a size that big, the structure of this company is earthquake resistant. This company is composed of four different structures and constructed on four different foundations. Which means that the structure of this company is strong enough to withstand any earthquake ever recorded in the history of the world? Moreover, the Tesla spent over $16 million on the foundation of this factory only to make it that strong.

Affordable Tesla Cars:

Through this giant factory, not only Tesla will save a lot of money but it is committed to spreading the benefits of this factory to its customers. With this factory, the Tesla will able to manufacture its cars on much less expense which it is committed to reflect in the retail prizes of its cars and will make them much affordable for the consumers.

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