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Make It Clear to Your Employes That Time Tracking Software is Not to Pressure Them

Make It Clear to Your Employes That Time Tracking Software is Not to Pressure Them

Using time tracking software can help drastically improve the business. However, this might not be understood by the employees. For them, it is a way of forcing them to work and not giving them the time needed for a break.

One of the reasons why you have to use the software is to maximise the productivity of the employees. You want to make sure that they can do whatever is asked of them at a given time. This is also helpful to them. It means that you can pay them exactly what they deserve based on the hours spent for working and the quality of work done. You might even give some of them a raise if they have proven to be consistent in doing their job right.

You will be met with resistance

It is common for employees using Time Tracking Software to be angry about the idea at first. They will feel as if they are guarded all the time. Some of them would explain that it is not really about the time spent working but on the quality of the work done.

This is why it is important to make it clear to them that you are doing this to improve the business and not to punish them. They must not feel as if they are forced to work

all the time. You just want them to be productive without necessarily making them overworked. The effects could also be detrimental if they are not given the time to take a break.

Value of teamwork

It is also important to explain to them that you are doing this so that everyone becomes a team player. There might be some employees who are not pulling their weight when it comes to the tasks at work. They don’t necessarily have to be punished, but they should feel that they are not doing the right thing. By then, they will change and work hard for everyone. It is a good thing since there are employees who work really hard, but are paid just as much.

In short, it is for the benefit of the employees too. If everyone succeeds in their respective tasks, the company as a whole also succeeds. Once this happens, everything will still go back to the employees. Some of them might receive a pay increase. The company might also have enough money to provide more benefits.

Overall, this software will help increase the quality of the company. Therefore, even if it is met with resistance, it has to be done. People will feel a lot better once they see the changes in the business. They will work even harder.


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