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Purchasing NVR Security Cameras: A Buyer’s Guide

Security cameras are broadly classified in two categories. The first is NVR (Network Video Recorder) security cameras and the second category is DVR (Digital Video Recorder). When compared to DVR, NVR security systems are more popular amongst the people because of their exquisite features.

The NVR security system comes equipped with a software that is programmed in such a way that it records video for surveillance in a digital format. The video is streamed to a mass storage device such as a memory card, USB flash drive or disk drive.

NVR does not incorporate a hardware that captures the dedicated video. It makes use of an operating system that is embedded in the software to carry out the dedicated services. Hikvision NVR back door and front door cameras are great for the purpose of surveillance and security.

The software houses advanced processors along with video management software. The services and functionalities offered by NVR are enhanced through multiple operating systems such as Linux and Windows. NVR technology is most commonly used in video surveillance systems that are based on IP.

One of the major advantages of the NVR surveillance system is that they are wireless. They can be set up very easily. Since they are wireless, they can also be accessed via a web browser or a smartphone. If the security camera is equipped with an alarm, then in case it is triggered, the user can be notified through email.

Based on the functionality and services, NVR systems are of 3 different types:

  1. 4 Channel NVR Security System– This type of NVR security camera is mainly used for small workplaces like a retail store or homes. It is an entry level network that can connect with the IP cameras very conveniently without any hardware or software requirement. With a few clicks, you can configure the NVR with maximum 4 IP cameras through the local area network.
  2. 8 Channel NVR Security System– This is just like the 4 Channel NVR security system with the only difference that instead of connecting to 4 IP cameras, this one can connect to 8.
  3. 16 Channel NVR Security System– This security system is used for bigger workplaces as it connects to 16 IP cameras and thus requires a lot of storage.

Now that you know all the essential details of NVR surveillance system, you can definitely purchase it if it suits your business needs.

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