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RIPTIDE Electric Skateboard– A quick review

After discovering this gadget on Discover Devices, we bring you The Riptide quick review. Riptide is a big-time power built in a small package. It was built on the belief that an electric skateboard can be super powerful and incredibly convenient while retaining all the features that are also present in an unpowered board.

Now this electric skateboard was designed in San Diego by people who had been skateboarding or surfing their entire life, in short, this electric skateboard has been carefully designed for riders who love to ride by riders who have experience of a lifetime, considering this fact, wouldn’t a off road electric skateboard designed by specialists be perfect? It’s the best electric skateboard out there.

Riptide has a very serious drivetrain, with an 18 MPH top speed and 7 Mile range along with an 1800 W dual belt drive the riptide can keep up with the fastest going e board.

The board has a small frame but that is simply making fun of the power it packs. It has a frame of about 31” and you can easily carry it anywhere if you feel like getting off the board and walking, but I doubt that. Still you can easily carry it by the built-in handle that it provides.

You can also take it anywhere you like, due to its compact stature, it will fit in anywhere, whether it’s the car trunk, under the train seat or in your Uber. Hack, you can even take it on the plane with you.

Riptide’s 97 w battery is precisely engineered to fit within TSA guidelines, so you can just pick the electric skateboard up in your finger, and carry in a board for the adventures. This feature alone makes it the best skateboard in the market.

What else is special about this skateboard? Riptide’s drive train has the power to fly up to the hills.

How is this possible? The board has regenerative braking which allows you to descend safely and nicely when you’re on a full charge.

Since this is one of the best skateboards it has to have a wireless remote. Right? The Riptide remote comes with 3 modes.

1- Beginner: This mode has reduced acceleration and top speed making it the perfect mode when beginning. The experts probably thought how not everyone is a pro especially when you’re just starting, so this mode was designed for rookies who want to learn. A complete safety measurement.

2- Eco: This mode has reduced acceleration and max top speed. It’s best for maximizing range. Once you’re past the beginner mode before you go into pro mode this mode is a must to further maximize your skills.

3- Expert: Finally the last mode is the expert mode and as one would expect it has max acceleration and max top speed. Just ready yourself and let the dual belt drive rip!!

Anyone looking for the best electric skateboard or the best off road skateboard? This is the best skateboard in the market. It weighs about 18.96 pounds which will give you a clean and smooth ride. If you’re hesitant or scared about riding it, don’t be, because this product will exceed your expectations.

While there is a lot of competition in the market for the same product. There are just some products that catch your attention with their style and beauty, their specs and features. Riptide electric skateboard is that board you won’t want to miss.

It’s the perfect travel companion and easy to master with three modes. What more could you ask for? Nothing, since it was designed by lifelong skating experts who already knew what more the best skateboard should have.

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