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Should You Start Using a Whitelisting Application?

Computer security should be taken very seriously in this day and age. Modern viruses are designed to extract information from your computer without leaving any trace and often go undetected. The information extracted by a computer virus could have very harmful implications: it could be used by third parties for damaging your company, it could be released to the public, or, worse, it could be held for ransom, demanding that you pay money just to get your files back. In companies and corporate entities, the importance of keeping information secure cannot be undermined. It’s vitally important that companies keep their information secure to maintain a competitive advantage in such a cutthroat industry.

In order to make sure that the information remains secure, companies generally use a variety of different antivirus programs and establish different kinds of firewalls. The aim is to prevent harmful viruses or malicious files from entering the company’s network. However, despite all of the different security measures that most companies take, there’s still a chance that a virus might enter your computer and damage the integrity of your security system. In order to play it safe, many companies have now started using whitelisting applications.

How Does a Whitelisting Application Work?

A whitelisting application simply does the opposite of a blacklisting application: whereas blacklisting applications prevent certain programs that have been blacklisted, a whitelisting application only allows you to execute those programs on the network computers that have been added to the whitelisting application beforehand.

Companies that offer whitelisting solutions generally have a security monitoring division as well that constantly keeps an eye on the applications that are being executed on their clients’ computers. A whitelisting application does not allow you to execute any third-party programs that haven’t been approved beforehand. Because you won’t be able to execute any malicious files on your computer, it will greatly improve the security of your network.

Why Are They Such a Good Choice Now?

One major reason why so many companies now prefer using whitelisting applications is because they beef up security considerably. Many viruses are cleverly hidden in different applications and are disguised to run in the background. However, before any application can be executed, the whitelisting application will first check the hex code of the file to ensure that it doesn’t have any malicious elements to it.

This helps identify all kinds of malicious software elements that are usually incorporated in seemingly useless files that most people transfer from one computer to another without even thinking twice. However, with the help of a whitelisting application, you will be able to improve the security of your network and protect it from harmful files and malicious programs.


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