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The Changing Face Of The Business Telephone Systems

Today communications form a very important aspect of life be it that of an individual or of a company. The need to be accessible throughout the day, especially during business hours, prompts everyone to ensure the availability of a good Business telephone system.

Advancements in technology have enabled these telephone systems to undergo certain beneficial changes. Hence communication options range includes:

  • Landline

This analogue system of communication was perhaps the only way of communication till about a few decades ago. From being connected to a public switched telephone network and using the copper wiring provided by the telephone company these systems were:

  • Absolutely reliable but
  • Needed expensive equipments for installation and
  • Was also quite difficult to maintain.

Another requirement of the landline was the installation of the PBX or the private branch    exchange which was another costly affair.

  • VoIP

The use of Voice over Internet Protocol has almost made the analogue landline obsolete. Needing only an internet connection this system could tap into the already available data connection thereby saving the cost and the hassle of having to install telephone lines across the length and breadth of the office.

  • On-premise

This is the perfect amalgamation of the traditional landline and the VoIP. In this system VoIP systems installed on-premise need the installation of PBX systems at all business locations thereby enabling a person to be in absolute control of the system.

  • Cloud

This is the latest in the technology of telephone systems for phones and involves the use of equipment that is installed, maintained, upgraded and updated by the provider of the phone system. The only device required by the business itself are plug and play telephones which can be easily plugged into the available Ethernet port for them to become active.

Thus today communication has not only become easier, it is also less expensive thereby enabling the world to come much closer than it was before.

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