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The Need for Transparency in Facebook Advertisements

Marketing is an important tactic for all businesses. They are more essential if someone is into e-commerce or even owns an app. In the recent years, websites such as Facebook have earned through running ads. Websites can pay them to focus their ads. They are definitely quite good at playing the ads and they do this by collecting the necessary data from the profile and browsing the history of the profile. But the transparency of advertisements isn’t always clear to the person. The Transparency is clearing lots of noise even before Facebook announced is specialized tools for making an advertisement clear to the user.

What are Facebook advertisements?

Facebook Ads are nothing but advertisements that are bombarded to the users. You see them whenever you scroll down your newsfeed. Facebook tells that they gather the data by analyzing the browsing history of the user. They do that to provide ads that will appeal to them. This is quite evident for most people as they often see the ad of websites or services that they have looked up on the internet before. It is the way that Facebook makes money. But recently the founder faced a backlash as the ads weren’t transparent enough. It was mainly due to the number of political ads that rise during voting seasons.

Why is transparency needed for the ads?

  • Transparency is required as it helps the user know about the origin of the ads and the reason they are seeing it on their news feed.
  • It also lets the user see any suspicious advertisement and report it to the authority. This was mainly due to the problem of political advertisements.
  • The transparency lets people see all the ads that the company is running at the same time.

Facebook has come under scrutiny for their privacy policies and their advertisement policies. So, they decided to launch an ad transparency tab. But even before that AdspyHub has enabled Facebook ad transparency to its users. One needs to put in a keyword or name of the company to view the ads that they are having on Facebook. This can come handy for users as well as businesses. Rival companies can check on each other’s ads by doing so. The site is number one in providing ad transparency and it is unbiased. The Facebook tool will still have some drawbacks as they wouldn’t want to hurt the people they are doing business with. So, people who want to get more transparency can definitely use another site.

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