Top 5 best professional website hosting companies

Top 5 best professional website hosting companies

In order to have a foothold in the corporate world, having a competent identity is paramount. Whether the individual is a part of a multi-million dollar company or a humble start-up, it is imperative to be recognized by as many people as possible. Resume speaks louder than words but websites speak even louder than a resume.  A website has to represent an identity which indicates how the individual’s desire their company or their individuality to be perceived. There are certain companies which are capable of hosting such websites. These websites have to be mediums where professionals interact and create their own network. These websites have to place priority on providing easy access to information pertaining to bio data of prospecting employees. The information must be provided without any useless delay which is mostly due to flashy graphics that bog down the entire page. Find the best website host below:


Zerply’s web page essentially looks like a resume. Starting with a short bio of the individual, it lists all the acquired skills and education received in chronological order. It is a boon for those working in the entertainment industry. Zerply, being the best website host, places great emphasis on the ability of an individual or the ease with which he/she can transition from one project to another.  

IMPRESS.LY is a unique website hosting company due to the fact that it’s interface actually has the sharp texture and hexagonal appearance normally observed in android app. This website aims to prioritize web performance on the mobile rather than a desktop. Having observed a 68% growth in net traffic via mobiles, the website aims to create a rapid website creation experience and offers a professional email to go along with the website. Furthermore, it offers the ability to have an e-commerce store to the individual’s website. What this means is that individuals may have transactions conducted via this website. This will be very useful if the website pertains to a sale of merchandise, service that demands a portion of payment be made beforehand and so on.

A2 hosting

A2 hosting places greater emphasis on fast loading times rather than impressive textures. The website promises servers that are 20 times as fast as conventional servers. The best feature of A2 hosting is that it allows free migration. What this means is that even if individuals already have fully functional websites that have existed for a long time, A2 hosting allows the same website to move into its own domain easily. No need to start from scratch. This website hosting tool is especially useful for those whose clients are numerous and higher priority is given to easy loading of the website even in places where internet speed and bandwidth offered is modest at best.


HostGator offers unlimited bandwidth. What this means is that size of files downloaded or stored in the website is not limited in any way possible. Furthermore, data sharing or file transfer is not bound by any kind of limits. It’s free. This comes in handy for data analysts or other professionals who require continuous streams of data for manipulation and other purposes. Host gator offers a 24/7 customer support and a 45-day money back guarantee.


Owned by Endurance international group, Bluehost is one of the world’s 20 largest web hosts. Bluehost has a partnership with WordPress and is responsible for its maintenance and support. Everything ranging from the servers to the scripts that customers may use, Bluehost is open source. This means that everything is free. No hidden charges.

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