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What is a Gaming Computer? 

An individual may want to buy 15 inch gaming laptop for a friend and/or family for a present, but not understand what they are purchasing. They also may not understand why it is important to gamers. A gaming laptop computer is a personal laptop personally constructed to process huge amounts of data required for playing multiplayer online and/or first-person shooter games. 

A Gaming Computer is not the Same as a Gaming Laptop. 

A gaming computer is a desktop computer custom-built for playing video games rather than writing or watching programs. They have more increased performance than traditional computers. Gaming computers have features like its own RAM and cooling system. A traditional desktop laptop has its own graphics controller. 

A gaming laptop is different because it is primarily used for playing computer games. It is just like a traditional laptop because it is portable. However, it is different from a traditional laptop or desktop computer because it is designed to conserve battery power and have higher-end graphics. 

Some gamers may prefer a gaming desktop because of the limited space in a gaming laptop. It also generates a lot of heat because of the high-end video cards. However, the best feature of a laptop for gaming is that it is portable. So, they can take it on trips and a friend’s house. They can’t do that with a desktop computer built for gaming.

Another benefit of a laptop for gaming is they often have multiple universal serial bus (USB) ports for gaming. These ports are needed to attach extras like joysticks, aircraft yokes, game controllers and steering wheels. These ports are located in the front of the laptop for easy and quick access. 

A Gaming Laptop has a High-End Graphic Card. 

Computer-based games are fast-paced and with plenty of detailed graphics. These detailed graphics require more memory and processing speed than a normal laptop. For instance, a gaming computer has a graphics card and central processing units (CPUs). This means there is less lag time between their gaming action and their input. Seconds can make the difference between winning an intense-high tech game and losing it. 

The laptop also includes sharp, crisp video and clear audio. These are two elements every gamer needs. Another difference between a traditional laptop and one for gamers is the screen. Gamers are into visual action. Thus, the gaming laptops typically have a larger screen for a better real, lifelike experience in real time. 

A Gaming Laptop includes a lot of Features and Options to Cater to a Gaming Crowd. 

Customizing a gaming laptop is endless. These features include such as higher end audio and tons of storage. At the same time, a person buying a laptop for gaming is customizing a laptop with a significant level of performance and quality. A modest gaming laptop always includes the horsepower needed to play games at the required frame rate and target resolution. The rest is optional. However, the gamer will love the extra features.

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