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What Makes Agile Methodology Ideal for Mobile App Development

Although it is a myth that Agile Methodology is only meant for Software based companies, but the fact is that if there is one industry that fits like a glove with Agile Methodology is Mobile App Development industry (a subset of the broad software industry).

The points that define a good mobile app – Short development cycles, Short life cycles, Frequently shifting user demands, Limited hardware, Must download quickly, Must be easily updatable – are exactly the areas that Agile Methodology is known to hit upon.

However, even after this surreal synchronicity, there are still a number of companies that haven’t moved to Agile yet. But, being a mobile app development company that has, we can vouch for the benefits that the methodology has to offer.

And that is exactly what we wish to talk about in this article.

The 5 Ways Agile Methodology Proves to be an Ideal Match for the Mobile App Development industry

  1. Quick Outcome

Since Agile works on a quick run time of 2 weeks aka Sprints, the speed of testing a theory by developing a complete part of the app within that time, is much faster in case of Agile as compared to Waterfall (it is one of the many reasons why companies should look into the process of transitioning from Waterfall to Agile).

Along with this, by breaking down the whole set of features in subsets, Agile makes it very easy to judge which feature is working for the app and which isn’t.

  1. Reduces Risk to a Massive Extent

By including mobile app testing as a process that runs in parallel, Mobile App Development Companies are able to test the features as and when they are developed, as opposed to keeping the testing process for the much later stage i.e. after the app is developed.

  1. More Open to Changes

Since the features are developed quickly in a bi-monthly form, it is fairly easy for companies to identify which features are not working for them or are not fitting with the brand idea and then make changes, without waiting for the next update to acknowledge them.

  1. Makes Businesses Client Centric

As opposed to the other development models, Agile keeps the client in the development process as well. Meaning, at any given point of time, the client knows exactly what the development team knows, i.e. they know the exact status of their app and where it is headed.

  1. Enhanced Productivity

Adoption of Agile Development Methodology allows development businesses to let go of the instances when the client comes in the picture in the middle of when the app is near completion, only to say that he is not satisfied or need to add ABC new features.

It gives a per day status of the app to the clients and the project managers, so that they can ensure that the app is headed in the right direction, or make changes on sprint by sprint basis.

So here were the 5 ways Agile Methodology has proved itself to be ideal for the Mobile App Development Industry. Have you switched to Agile yet? If not, what are you waiting for?

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