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5 Best Television Wall Mounts and Their Benefits

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There are total 4 kinds of television wall mounts, listed below, that you’ll find in the market.

  • Fixed mount
  • Tilt mount
  • Full motion mount
  • Ceiling mount

And all these TV mounts have different features and different holding capacities. Besides, as long as you put your money in television wall mounts from companies like Primecables, you will always be supplied with best quality and cost-effective products only.

5 High-Quality Television Wall Mounts That Every Homeowner Should Be Aware Of

TV wall mounts are particularly popular for some stunning benefits like the ones given below.

  • They offer relief from neck and shoulder pain since they have perfect tilt angles
  • They tidy up the space that TV sets otherwise keep occupied
  • They are perfect ways to guard the screen against accidental damage by kids when the TV set is kept on the floor

And the list below is a compilation of some of the best TV mounts that you will find in the market.

  1. Articulated Arm Universal Television Wall Mount For LCD and LED Plasma TV Sets- This television wall mount has a weight holding capacity of 35 kgs and is perfect for smaller rooms with TV sets between 13” to 55”. Besides, since it’s a full-motion TV mount, you can tilt it up and down and rotate it left and right until you get the desired viewing angle
  2. Classic Swivel and Tilt TV Wall Mount for Flat Screen TVs – This television wall mount, with the capacity to hold up to 30 kgs, can accommodate TV sets between 23” to 42”. The swivel head gives you the freedom to move the television between +30°~-30°. And lastly, with a tilt angle of +15°~-15°, this TV mount is known to ease neck and shoulder pain
  3. Titan Series Fixed TV Wall Mount Bracket – This TV mount can hold small flat screen television sets between 13” and 27”, up to 30 kgs, and is the best option for people looking for an economical purchase. Also, it’s quite strong – made with high-grade steel – and sits approximately 0.5 inches away from the wall
  4. Angle Free Tilt TV Mount With A Safety Lock – With the strength to hold 40 kg weight, this TV wall mount can be tilted ±10° up and down. In other words, you can adjust the height of your flat screens, between 26″- 55″, according to your comfort level with this TV mount
  5. Tilting Bracket TV Wall Mount– You can also call this super strong TV wall mount as a universal mount since it can accommodate flat screens anywhere between 37” to 70”. Besides, it’s strong enough to secure up to 75 kgs of weight. Lastly, it has a swivel that can be tilted by 15°

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