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5 Strategies To Increase Your Holiday Pay-Per-Click Rates In 2018 And Beyond

Are you anticipating your holiday web traffic this year, or are you dreading it?

The web is as relevant to the holiday season as shopping malls used to be. In 2016, American shoppers spent 63.1 billion dollars online. Furthermore, the popularity of ECommerce grows each year. Here are 5 factors to consider for your pay-per-click holiday campaign this year and beyond.

1. Gather Past Years’ Data

What drove traffic to your site last year?

Review the data you gathered from years’ past. Analyze what worked and what didn’t:

  • Which campaigns resonated with an audience?
  • Which creative content converted customers?
  • Which promotions resulted in the most profitable sales?
  • Which audiences performed best on your site, and what drove them there?

 Performing a thorough audit of last year’s holiday season gives you a starting point for this year and beyond.

2. Plan New Funnels

Build your funnels according to last year’s success. You can spin off experimental funnels from there.

Track your audiences’ behavior to create new channels and campaigns. You can mix and match your funnels to figure out which offer the best results.

For instance, you can base your funnels on:

  • High value customers
  • Social media engagement
  • Wish list creators and shoppers
  • Audiences who took advantage of your promos

 Those are just a few examples of controlled groups from which your funnels can stem. If you are running out of time for funnel creation or data gathering for this year’s holiday season, you can always use a pay-per-click management service to track your results and create your campaigns.

 3. Engage Customers Old And New

How much of your holiday traffic comes from seasonal shoppers?

It’s always easier to engage frequent loyal customers, but how about reengaging the visitors who come to your site for a specific reason?

Since your holiday season target market is vastly different from your year-round target, use sales lists and holiday catalog subscriber lists to generate traffic. Nudge the infrequent purchasers with enticing content such as gift guides. This type of content will also engage new customers, most of whom will fall into the holiday target market

 4. Revamp Your Brand

The holiday season is a perfect time to reinvent your promotional strategy. If your brand needs a facelift, the holiday season carries the least risk for it.

Use gift-giving as a pretext for running new promotions and framing your brand in a new light. Try to attract future loyalists through some of the following strategies:

  • Relatable user-generated content (think wish lists and videos)
  • Creative new ads and landing pages
  • Sticky content (think gift guides and other listicles)
  • Promos and contests

 Any positive buzz created around your company and website is likely to attract at least one future loyalist.

5. Make Shopping Easy

Why do shoppers love ECommerce?

One reason is that shopping online is less frustrating than shopping at physical stores. Still, due to cumbersome user interfaces and sluggish websites, some ECommerce retailers lose customers.

Strive to have a user-friendly website. Give your shoppers a frustration-free experience by offering a responsive interface along with a mobile site or ap. Don’t clutter your site with ads, and work to promote well-placed content that resonates with visitors, rather than annoying them.

The above tips may not guarantee to revolutionize your click-through rates for this year. Still, incorporating them into your content and pay-per-click strategy will surely yield positive results. Which pay-per-click strategies spelled success for you in the past? Feel free to share with us.

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