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Contents of Today’s Publication-Ready Press Release in the Wake of the Competition

Gone are the days when businesses would send their Press Releases to the press, hoping to entice them to write about you. Back then, a standard Press Release was a simple and straightforward piece, written to adhere to the five Wswho, what, when, why and where. And if by good luck the copy is accepted, the press would then call back and collect more regarding the story, whereby they would expand it into a story.

Today, all that is gone. It’s no more!

With the massive and cutthroat competition from the web, established media outlets have had to revolutionize their tact. And the change came with some uncomfortable aspects, most notably tight budgets and reduction in the number of journalists, fact checkers, and news editors. They’ll still need fresh and exciting content every single day so that their readers get valuable information as advertisers get returns for their investment. Says Thapa from

That’s why the media and those all other influential persons will only accept ‘juicy’ Press Releases that come as publication-ready copies. It’s no longer about the five Ws, but rather how captivating a content writer you are. They will only accept content that falls within their scope and is so good that they will amplify their image as well.

In a nutshell, these are what editors will want to see from your copy:

  1. A factual, accurate and thoroughly fact-checked piece written with perfect spelling and grammar
  2. A killer, super-compelling headline that turns heads
  3. Valuable content that readers will find useful and insightful enough to inspire actions
  4. Clarity throughout the whole article with a clear distinction between opinions and facts
  5. Use of the right lingo, little industry jargon, and absolutely no needless fluff
  6. Sparing use of phrases that readers are likely to search for online
  7. You may also embed hyperlinks that lead to full versions of the same elsewhere
  8. Top-quality graphics and images complete with proper captions and attribution

Since editors battle looming deadlines with their limited resources and massive copies to go through, any Press Release that lacks most of these is bound to be thrown away. They mostly prefer an article that’s publication-ready. Says Roger from Ed Cal Media Agency.

Public Relations – when to use a Press Release for multiple purposes

Don’t send them your Press Release and fail to do a follow-up. To get the most out of it, primarily when it was drop-dead gorgeous, do the following:

  • Post it on the News or Blog section of your website.
  • Add some links to the article and be sure to make it appear in employee signature block for a while.
  • Make it a core part of your marketing campaign.
  • Write an eBook based on the content of your Press Release.
  • Track every outcome to see how your Press Release is doing.

Even when you fail to track results and measure them, be sure to see if it’s fulfilling its objective. Basically, it should build trust and legitimacy and attract customers to your shop.

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