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Different Types Of Photo Papers To Choose From!

Photo papers are the base papers on which a photograph is printed using a particular variety of photo ink. Now, it is important to note that one cannot print a photograph on any type of paper because a photograph includes a wide variety of colors which often comes blotchy on your normal quality paper as it is unable to hold and lock-in the colors. For this, different types of photo papers are used:

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1) Glossy photo paper

These type of papers are used to get a glossy finish over the printed material. It gives real-time imaging along with the true feel of the photographs. Being highly water-resistant sheets, these can be used at home if you love to printing out photographs to mark important events and memories. These papers are heavy in weight and work with particular ink types to give the edgy and glossy look to the frame. It works well with every type of inkjet printers and also comes in various sizes and counts.

2) Semi-gloss photo paper

As compared to its glossy counterpart, this one doesn’t flash that much but at the same time comes with the perks of drying the ink faster within 30 seconds of printing, making it a practical and viable one to use. It is a water-resistant paper that does not bleed out color when coming in contact with water, though for optimal usage it shouldn’t be used in wet conditions. Along with that, it isn’t suitable for being laminated so the better way to use it as a photo printer is to put the prints into the album directly.

3) Matte finish photo paper

The high color gamut of this paper gives one the joy of experiencing vivid color reproduction. As it dries instantly, it is easy to handle the same with photo cartridges. This type of paper is usually used by wedding, portrait and other types of fine art photographers who make the most of high picture resolution and picture situation at its best.

Selecting a photo paper for personal use depends entirely on the type of printing you intend to do. Here one can choose to go with affordable 123ink photo paper online and find something that suits their printing requirements. Along with photo papers, one also has to look into buying the right photo ink too, only then one can get a clean and crisp print with ease.


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