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Fender Acoustasonic40

 Whenever you feel like the overwhelming number of combos on the market is preventing you from finding the one and the only model that you truly need, it might be a good idea to check out some of the classics. Fender is known not only for its guitars, but also the exceptional line-up of amps. Plus, the company has the love and respect of both the critics and the regular musicians. It was founded back in 1946 and it took Fender several revolutionary guitars, bass guitars, and amplifiers to become the best-selling brand out there. Since the day of the foundation, the company has grown into an international mogul and has numerous talented teams under its wing.

In this review, we’ll talk about Fender Acoustasonic 40 – an amazing classic guitar amp that will take your breath away with the old-school construction, the retro vibes of the controls/knobs, and the warm, pronounced sound. This might not be their most popular model, but it is, in all fairness, an incredible amplifier that offers the best price/quality ratio in the industry at the moment. Alright, now let’s take a closer look at it.

Fender Acoustasonic40 – What’s It All About?

It would be wise to check out the weight/size/materials before going ahead with the purchase because no matter how amazing a piece of equipment might be if it doesn’t fit in your bedroom, there’s no use for it! So, Fender Acoustasonic40 weighs 17 pounds, which equals 7, 5 kilograms. You might think that this is too heavy, but, compared to the other models in the same category, it’s actually quite lightweight. Besides, an average male will be able to carry it around with ease. For mobile musicians, this is a very important aspect. And with the fancy and convenient handle, hauling it will be a blessing!

The size is unbelievably tiny. If you want, you can fit it in an average-sized backpack. Still, it would be best to hold it in your hands. Now, Fender Acoustasonic40 is a low-budget amplifier. However, it’s made of plywood, not plastic, which is a huge plus. This means it’s more durable than an average amp. As mentioned earlier, the design is very beautiful and makes the hardware look equally trendy and vintage, with an “expensive” look. It comes with a 6-inch speaker. True, that’s not very impressive, but it does feature a whizzer cone, which basically makes the sound clearer and better.

Fender Acoustasonic40 – A Solid Pick for a Beginner/Intermediate-Level Musician

With the ¼-inch input, you’ll be able to connect to a mic. With the built-in reverb, you can help your guitar sound bigger and fuller. The unique Fender electronics, in turn, will make sure you have an amazing time with this amp. At the same time, while the low and the mids are pretty decent, the highs could’ve been crispier and more pronounced. Well, this is an affordable piece of equipment, and that’s why we’re satisfied with the tones it generates. The amp comes with 40 Watts of power; for home practicing, that’s good. For gigs on medium/large venues, it simply won’t be able to cut through. It’s not loud enough and the drums will bury your guitar.

The Verdict

Fender Acoustasonic40 could’ve been a bit more versatile and offer more controls, but then we’d have to deal with a completely different price-tag. Fender did everything right with this model and gave the musicians exactly what they bargained for. While not the biggest, strongest, or loudest, it definitely is a solid workhorse for the beginner-level guitar players. For learning to play the instrument, practicing, and some rehearsals with your buddies, this small amp is a God-sent! Make sure you understand everything we just said so that you’re not disappointed with it once you pay for Acoustasonic40.

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