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Fibernet, and the next frontier in Internet connectivity

Here’s looking at why Airtel’s V-fibernet broadband reigns supreme in terms of uptime, speeds and connectivity.
As a broadband user, your only requirement from the connection is that it provides fast speeds. You have made your peace with slow Internet speeds on your mobile phone network and also the Internet dongle you use on your laptop – you don’t wish to compromise on speeds when it comes to the broadband connection for your home!
Here’s a recommendation – get Airtel fibernet broadband. It’s superfast and super awesome.

Airtel employs the powerful fibernet technology to great effect: it is a method of connecting to the Internet using fiber optic cables which are laid over long distances. The cables are sturdy and offer a high bandwidth – this accounts for high speeds and always-on connectivity, even in inclement weather. You can test the connection speeds using the Ookla speed test – Airtel has won awards by the speed test thrice, for offering the fastest Internet speeds.

Why Airtel fibernet for your home or office

Airtel’s unique fibernet technology, known as the V-fiber Internet, gives supremely fast speeds up to 300 Mbps – that faster than the fastest speeds other providers are offering at the moment. The connection also gives an unbeatable 99% uptime, with instant uploads and downloads over an always-on connection.
In a nutshell, the following are immediate benefits of taking the Airtel fibernet connection:
You get a free router with the connection
You get 100 Mbps speed
You get one-year free Amazon Prime subscription
Now take a look at the 6-month Fibernet plans from Airtel, for Delhi:

Not only is Airtel fibernet quite affordable, it offers a multitude of benefits like high monthly data (100 GB to 1,200 GB), bonus data on taking the connection before October 31, 2018, data rollover (except on the Rs 678 plan), unlimited STD and local calls, plus speeds ranging from 40 Mbps to 300 Mbps. Also consider the reasons why Airtel fibernet is best for you, it’s redirecting to broadband now.

* The right option for home offices and multiple gadgets. Fibernet broadband is great for areas of heavy usage, because it offers awesomely fast upload and download speeds. Pages load faster, files are streamed rapidly and there is no waiting time at all. It also allows simultaneous downloads, so there is no effect on speed when multiple devices use the same connection at the same time.

* It offers high signal strength and bandwidth.The fibernet network has a really high bandwidth, allowing simultaneous connections, and a high signal strength that does not give a downtime at any point of time. Airtel fibernet uses fiber optic cables that are more durable and efficient than the copper cables used in other broadband networks – this gives the highest and most uniform signal strength.

* Discounts on every plan option. Consider the illustration above: you will see that Airtel offers a handsome discount on the monthly rental for each plan. Thus, you automatically get a reduced monthly fee per option, whichever one you choose. You also have the option to switch to another plan within the same scheme, or take a monthly or yearly fibernet plan.

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