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Five risks your smartphone security application should protect you from

As a cautious smartphone user, you are likely to be searching for the best smartphone security application. When you go online to find your security application you are likely to be confused because there are so many software applications in the industry but not all of them could be trusted. The problem with most security applications is that they promise one thing but deliver something else. You cannot therefore go blindly based on the claims made by the security companies. If they actually fulfill whatever they promise then they would be the best in the industry and unfortunately there is a huge gap between their promises and their delivery. When you are selecting your smartphone security application, you need to make sure that your security application is giving you protection for these five areas.

The first area in our consideration is email protection. When you send out emails it should be safe for you to send out the mail without losing the information to any unintended recipients. Even if there should be a hacker who is after all your data transmission they should not be able to capture any useful information from the emails you send out. You will need a perfect email encryption application to achieve this goal. There are solutions like Encromail but the problem with these solutions is that they offer only partial protection. Your email headers are left open. In other words hackers will be able to know what is contained in these email headers including the subject line, your email address and the email address of the recipient.

Instant messaging is another area that needs complete protection. When you send out messages they leave a long trail online and if this trail is not erased then the hackers will be able to capture all the private chats and abuse the information. You can make use of encryption applications like Sky ECC which allow you to send out self-destructive messages. These messages will delete themselves after a specific time limit.

You would want to be sure that the images and the scanned documents you share using your mobile phone are also encrypted. If you are using products like Eliteguard you need to first find out whether the transmissions are safe and whether the image is also encrypted. If you are using Sky ECC you do not have to worry about these issues. This encryption application encrypts even the images.

The encryption key should be your secret and your service provider should not sell it to any third parties. Unfortunately there are such unscrupulous security services that sell this information. With Sky ECC these risks do not crop up. You will be able to avoid these risks because the encryption key or the access code is generated at your end. You are therefore safe.

Finally, your contacts list is another security concern. Does your online security application encrypt your contacts list or does it leave it as plain text? Sky ECC encrypts even your contacts list.

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