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How To Choose A Home Printer Or For Your Company?

We live in an era in which the supply of products is practically infinite, and that also applies – and especially – to the world of information technology. Therefore, learning how to choose a printer is a small but important task that you will have to face in order to invest your money in the perfect peripheral. And, as with any other good or service, knowing what your needs is the first step to discard some models and opt for others. Whether you are looking for a home printer or if you need a business printer, in this post we tell you some keys so that you can fulfill your task in the most simple and effective way.

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To choose the printer that suits you, the most practical thing is to apply filters starting from the most general concepts, to the most concrete ones. The first important decision has to do with the type of printing: inkjet or laser. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Injection, laser … or LED

  • The printer’s inkjet are cheap and offer good quality when printing documents. You also get the best results with the photos if you calibrate it well and use photographic paper. In this respect they are superior to laser printers. Kiasuprint services help you to get best printing services at reasonable rates.
  • Among its disadvantages, they are slower than lasers. They also consume more ink, although replacing it is cheaper, but you have to do it more often.
  • In recent years, rechargeable ink printers have become popular, such as the Eco Tank range. Some printers have also had similar models. They use some bottles of ink that are used to recharge some tanks that are in the printer itself.
  • They are much more expensive than standard printers (from 200 Euros), but in return the ink lasts much longer and according to the manufacturers they reduce the ink costs by 75% … if you print a lot. They are interesting in office environments or if you have to print many photographs, which is what consumes the most ink. Browse to get more detail about printing services.
  • The laser printers are more expensive but also print much faster, and have a longer life cycle. They consume less ink (actually they use powder) than the injection ones, but the replacement toner requires a higher outlay. They are the most appropriate if you have to print many documents, and you need speed. Interestingly, it is also a good option if you print very little, since not using ink does not dry as in the injection printers. Some new models of laser printer are LED printers. They use LED lights to electrically charge the drum where the powder used for printing adheres. They are more compact and silent, and in theory consume less energy, but unless you print a lot you will not notice it in the bill of light. Portable printers that use individual photo paper and communicate with the smart phone through an app. They offer quality photos and do not need ink (they come in the paper itself) but they are expensive, and they can only take one size photos.

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