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How to Safeguard You Phone From Fraudsters?

Losing your phone can be a traumatic experience. Especially you must be worried about all the information stored in it.  Fortunately, there are few applications that are similar to the handynummer orten app which may possibly help in securing your valuable data. Taking such simple steps can help limit any financial inconvenience and at the same time increase the likelihood of being reunited with your lost phone.

This how you could possibly stay one step ahead on your smartphone:

  Secure with Screen-Lock:  A screen lock is the obvious choice of mobile phone users who set it up right from the beginning. It’s a little bit short of complicated security options and includes devices offering one or more options of preventing access. It can be a 4-digit PIN or a fingerprint or a pattern. Sophisticated security systems such as Touch ID biometrics and retina recognition and also handynummer orten app that offers fool-proof security are made available online.

SIM PIN: You could secure the device from fraudsters with a screen lock. At the same time protecting your, SIM is also equally important as fraudsters can eject the SIM from your smartphone and reuse them in a device of their own.  This can be bad if they rake up the substantial bill by calling premium numbers from your SIM. Setting up a SIM PIN will save you from the extra trouble besides losing your phone.

It’s easy to set up a SIM Pin with the options in the device. Make sure you don’t forget it. Once you enable it, the device prompts you to enter a SIM PIN password every time your SIM is ejected and reinserted. This would automatically block your SIM and save you from harm, in case the fraudster tries to find out the 4 –digit number and attempts to open it.

Customizing the lock-screen:

Mobile phone thefts are common but you can’t afford to lose it due to negligence.  There might be instances where you’ve left your phone somewhere on your own but can’t remember where?  In this case, if there are honest people who genuinely want to volunteer to return your phone after identification you would be lucky. But the person who is hell-bent on giving back the phone faces the challenge of the phone security. First, the screen lock or SIM PIN might stop them from accessing your calls and second your phone security can be too protective of your data preventing them from finding out your address.

Fortunately, mobile sets of few prominent brands have the option of customizing the lock screen to provide owner info message in case of emergency.

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