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How to Transfer a Domain: Important Things You Need to Know

Your domain is one of the most important parts of your site; after all, it is one of the main ways of accessing what you have to offer on the internet. So we do not even need to stress how important it is to take good care of him, is not it?

What’s more, if you’ve followed the tip we’ve given here and you’ve registered multiple domains for your site , you may have already had difficulty managing them and even had surprises in renewing your domain, such as higher charges than you imagined.

But do not worry! If you have not made the best decision the first time and are dissatisfied with the service that the company has been offering, it does not mean that you are stuck with it forever (wow!). It is possible to transfer a domain, and the process is less complicated than you might think.

Differences between domain transfer, ownership and hosting

Before we get into the subject it is worth remembering: transferring a domain is not the same as transferring ownership of the domain or migrating hosting. Here we are talking about transferring a domain from where it is currently registered to a new company. When you perform this procedure, the renewal of the domain will be made by the new company, to which the domain was transferred. And it also involves a little domain transfer cost.

Why transfer your domain

In addition to the administration itself, the transfer of a domain can be especially interesting if the renewal price of the domain is taken into account in the new company.

As there is no fixed table for domain prices, the costs can vary greatly from company to company. Some even offer a lower price in the first year, making renewal much more expensive.

So even if you are not planning on switching business, it’s worth checking the cost of renewing a domain you already own at the company where it was registered. If you find it valid, take advantage of this tutorial and speed up the download! Read more at Reg names – domain name services platform.

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