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Important facts about The Pirates Bay

The one site that has always gathered all the limelight is The Pirates Bay. This site was first popular for the amazing service that it used to provide to its users. The type of content and the way of its working has made the users addictive to this site, but now a day the site is again in the news for some other reasons. The sudden hype is due to the fact that many or most of the countries have banned this site for various other reasons. Now, the decision of the governments of these countries is based on the legal terms and conditions and one cannot go against that, but the problem is that this ban has affected the lives of the people who were using it, very adversely. In this article, we will talk about various facts related to this site.

Introduction to the Pirates Bay

This was established in Sweden in the year 2003. If we talk about the working of this site, then it works according to the Bit Torrent protocol and thus uses the peer to peer method of file sharing. The best part of this site is that it is not just for one language or one country, but is available in 35 languages. The primary languages that this site uses are Swedish and English. People must wonder about how the site maintains it so efficiently. The reason behind this maintenance of the site is the advertisements and the donations that it gets. It has a very good Alexa ranking. It has been ranked at 1442. Apart from all these things, the most important factor that is there in the mind of every user of this site is that this is the largest site that offers you to download everything you want to like movies, videos, songs etc. in any desired format. Due to some reasons, the website has been blocked by many countries, but for the users, the owners have created a long list of proxies, that could help you in getting the access of this website using VPN. You can easily find the proxy list that can help you to unblock the pirates bay.

The content type of the website

All the contents that are there on this website are free of cost and as per the Torrent protocol, the website uses the peer to peer sharing method for the downloading of these files. The website is not known just for the easy downloading of the files, but is also known for having the best platform for searching any file on it. There is a lot of subcategories on this sites named as videos, ebooks, games and other things. You will just have to go through all of them and they will have to select one according to your requirement. The resolution of the particular item is also there.

If we say that there is only one such site for the downloading of these stuff hen it will be wrong. There are other torrent sites also, but the functioning of any site is not as good as this one. If the makers have found the way to use it again, it is worth giving a try.

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