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Is IMEI.Info Reliable? Top Reasons For Checking IMEI Online

The reports of people dabbling into the usedmobile phone market with or without realizing it is on the rise today. With Craigslist, eBay, and also phone reconditioning programs reported to feed the billion dollar industry. That means the business of stolen phones is not a surprise as the resale process isbooming and becoming big daily.Millionsofdevices both new and old used to be reported to be stolenin many countries. Thankfully, the upgraded security systems have made the number to decline to some extent. Despite the drop in theft cases, customers still are at risk of purchasing stolen devices. That calls for you to takethe right precautions to guarantee that the phone is not embezzled. And the quick method to identify this is through using the IMEI number. The article breaks down why you must check the status using before buying your next phone.

What is the Purpose of an IMEI Number?

  • Find Blacklisted phones.

Whenever you consider buying any used phone, one thing to check out for is if it is stolen. Luckily finding this out has become easiertoday because many tools have been launched to allow you to look up the status. Many sites work and confirm every device’s IMEI codes as uniquely assigned by the manufacturer. You can find it printed on your phones back, or sometimes deep into the settings. Checking this before settling for purchase is vital for various reasons. But possibly the simplest one is because any device that turns out as lost or even stolen will pretty much not work. For some years now, phone dealers keep the shared database having lifted phone IDs, and are not allowed to connect to any network.

Of course, every phone manufacturerhas a log of all activated IMEI numbersfound on the networks. Whenever some customer reports that the phone got stolen,it becomes unusable. The unique digits are also helpful to the police for similar purposes. In that way, it becomes easy to find stolen devices with a lot ofaccuracies. Keep in mind that every cellular supported device has an IMEI used for identification.

  • Check Your Phone’s Model

Searching for an IMEI provides all phone information including the manufacturer, model numbers and even the warranty information.  The numbers are independent ofthe SIM card used as many times stolen phones get sold without SIM cards. Besides, changing the original IMEI number is difficult and illegal in several countries and is a good sign of fraud. Never buy your handset when a seller suggests that its IMEI got changed because mismatched codesindicate deceit.

Which is The Best Way To ConfirmYour Phone’s IMEI Number?

One easymethod to verify any devices IMEI numbers is by checking through IMEI blacklist. The process needs you to callthephoneprovideror use the IMEI checker tools available online. Every phone statedas stolen will come on the list, so it is vital to request for the digitsplus the previous phone manufacturer before buying anyolddevice. If the seller isreluctantin providing theinformation,then it is undoubted that they are hiding something.And there are high chances that the gadget is a stolen one.

Luckily, some used online phone markets offer free detailed IMEI checkers on the websites. But, the only safe way to validate an IMEI is by calling the local phone exporters. Ensure you inquire the information about their Central Equipment Identity Register agreement. The database has IMEI numbers thatblock stolen phones from reading cellular systemsthrough carriers.

Finally, onesatisfying way to check your phones IMEI number is to use website.The option is a pure communication tool with strict IMEI regulations thatreduceyour chances of buying stolen or lost mobile devices. Exercising common sense will help you to be sure of the device’s general condition especially if it came with any form of risk. So, stick to suchsafety measures and enjoy the new phone with peace of mind.  Remember itis never safe and secure to shop around the used phone marketplace.

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