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Is R4i Gold 3DS Plus the Best R4 3DS Card to Buy in the USA?

The new hot R4i 3DS Plus is a flashcard that runs on the on the DS software and also allows you to use the NTRBootHax. You might be wondering what makes it any different to other flashcards, to answer that question and quench your curiosity; the R4i 3DS Plus comes pre-flashed, which means you have the option to use it usually as a DS flashcard or instead for NTRBootHax by merely changing its switch position. However, there are many other features that this excellent flashcard possesses, but does this make it the best R4 3DS card to buy in the USA?

Note: You can purchase the R4i Gold 3DS Plus and also check the R4i 3DS.

Features of the R4i Gold 3DS Plus

Here are some impressive features of this flashcard.

  • It supports a lot of commercial homebrews and Roms.
  • Comes with pre-flashed NTRBootHax.
  • This is a utility card: It can be used either as NTRBootHax
  • Detects automatically the game save data size.
  • Comes with built-in auto patch homebrew, DLDI Auto-patching.
  • It is WoodR4 compatible.
  • Wi-Fi game, download play support.

R4i Gold 3DS Plus Compatibility

It is widely known that Kernels alternative is the WoodR4, and it has been developed for quite a while now. The R4i 3DS is highly compatible with the WoodR4 and doesn’t have an issue with most conflictive games that have these conflictive issues because of their AP patches; a good example is the Pokemon White 2. With this card, everything works just perfectly.

Advantages of Using the R4i Gold 3DS Plus card

  • You won’t experience any timebomb if you are using this card, and unlike other flashcards that stop working when a firm timeline is being passed.
  • This card has the support of WoodR4.
  • The R4i has decent compatibility.
  • It is already pre-flashed and ready to be used with NTRBootHax.

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