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Large screen make you see clear

What is a video wall system?

What comes to your mind when someone mentions video wall system? A large display with high resolution and dense pixels tiled together to offer a bigger picture, per se.

Although the display is actually the top soil of the complex system of technologies involved in the making, it certainly isn’t the most vital part. Have you ever thought about the complexities behind the cutting edge technology it provides? What are the controls and how to control it? How does one actually get to display anything at all in the first place?

Fret not, all your doubts and questions shall be answered here.

There are three main components are as follows:

  1. Video wall system: they provide a high resolution, large scale canvas for your video needs. LED, LCD, projection cubes, and more are used in video walls. Each of these has their own pros and cons when scrutinised for further details. Video walls can be built in whatever shape and dimension one desires.
  2. Video wall controller: this is the control centre for the system. It is the hub from which the user can influence the video wall. Using the required commands you can send the contents to the display directed for the purpose. You can manipulate whether the picture should be displayed in a single screen, multiple ones or stretched across the whole wall.
  3. Video wall software: it is software that allows the user to control the display, controller and source. Selections of content sources are provided and display adjustments can be made. Presentation enhancements can be made like graphical transitions, custom labels and several other arrangements.

Thus video wall systems are the future of entertainment and presentations. They are a bane tat modern technology has to offer to make our lives easier.

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