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Microwave – A place of Prominence in Our Kitchens

Many of us know the term microwave from the oven which has a place of prominence in our kitchens for popping popcorn and heating everything from coffee to pizza rolls. This is just one use of microwave technology. Back in the mid-1940s, microwave technology was first introduced to send messages across long distances. This continues today in many industries, including the military. However, sometimes the magnitude of these microwave signals varies from one area to another, and this makes for substandard situations where the transmission of signals is extremely important. In these areas, a power splitter combiner is required to maximize frequencies in all areas.

You have probably one form or another of these couplers at an electronics or big box, home improvement store. Or, you may have seen them at internet sites like that for Werlatone. Square or rectangular in shape, they have a number of ports to connect cables. ¬†How many ports depends on what it’s used for. Inside each of these combiners is a circuit board which helps direct and amplify microwave signals.

Some of these are designated as hybrid combiners. Here, traditional technologies are combined with disruptive techniques to produce a microwave component that provides an improvement of exponential magnitude over existing capabilities. This means low-frequency signals are amplified to a point equal to other areas in a home or building.

What you may need when it comes to amplification splitters depends on what the situation. Are you working in an environment where one area has a powerful microwave signal while the other is of extremely low power? Or, do you have a situation where the loss of signal is not enormous between areas, so all you require is a splitter-combiner to balance the signal out?

Because this can be confusing to figure out, it’s best to consult with an electrician at first to look at all areas of the home or business. They can run diagnostics to determine what’s causing the issue and the equipment needed. At that point, you can recommend a distribution company which has the combiners available to help you even out and amplify the signal to keep all transmissions running clear.

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