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Need for a file locker in 2018

We’re living in the year 2018 right? We seem to have been a lucky generation who has been blessed to be part of such an era. We never prayed for it but somehow ended up in such state.

We get to utilize a lot of options which are quite common today but were considered a ‘luxury’ few decades ago. For example, a cellphone, a USB drive, encryption standards, cars and more.

Even the basic files we use such as word or excel files that we take for granted were a legendary myth in the past. Readers and writers used to carry physical paper and pen to write their thoughts down. But now, it’s all quite easy and quick where the rest I leave to your imagination of how perfect this life is.

But let me give you heads up on how we are wrong taking our confidential file’s security only for granted. Meaning, our files being in our system does not mean they are restricted to be accessed by only you. Anyone have a basic laptop or computer can access your device while you keep dreaming of what a beautiful life you’re living. Hence, heads up sir, time for being thankful is over and now you must act before it’s too late.

The recent advancements brought a need for a proper file folder locking option as without it, your creative work can lose its ownership in mere seconds.

But do you know what is file locking? Read on.

Protection and File locking in windows is a process that limits access to your system by giving access to one or more user at a given interval. The systems implement this process to restrict the basic/classic interceding update scenario that is an example of race condition. This is done by forcing the serialization of update processes in any file.

In most of the OS, the concept of record locking exists which means, that the records would individually may be locked and hence increasing the amount of concurrent processes or updates. The database maintenance utilizes the file locking that can serialize the whole tangible file underlying a database. But this does not restrict any process from entering this file and can be even more efficient than separately locking a huge number of regions by getting rid of the overhead of obtaining and launching each lock.  But be aware that improper use of locks can result in average performance or leading you to deadlocks.

Difference between file locking and encryption:

File locking and file encryption are two different things. If compared encryption is a rather better option. File locking in most of the cases is the process of hiding a file from being visible to those who you’d not trust. In fact any given geek can easily bypass the file locking mechanism with no or less effort.

Download folder lock to experience how file locking and encryption makes the life easier for windows users.

For this very reason, people started shifting to other possible alternatives that were better in terms of security. What good is a feature if it can be breached easily? Hence, AES 256 bit encryption came into existence and since, then, it hasn’t had any competition.

What can you do?

The major difference between the two is that file locking hides your folders/files only from that location but it still exists in the system and can be accessed. But when you encrypt a file, the file goes into a decrypted form meaning even if someone gains access to the file, it would generate no success as the encrypted file would be in distorted form/useless form. Hence, information cannot be decoded and neither can your data be stolen.

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