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Overview of the Features of WPSOLR-Plugin for WordPress

WPSOLR is a plugin for WordPress and it replaces the search for a standard WordPress by using an accurate, powerful and fast website search. The plugin provides the visitors an optimized search experience. It helps the visitors to find useful information promptly.  

Features of WPSOLR

The search plugin is loaded with multiple features. It helps the visitors to search things they crave for.  

  • WPSOLR offers supersonic searches to the users. In this the visitors of website don’t have to wait for searching websites. The plugin offers the customers better results, it offers faster site search to its users. If you have a business and maintain millions of products then the plugin ensures that the business visitors find precisely what they require.   

  • The software product allows website visitors, product viewers filter products. The plugin allows the user to set up numerous product filters like the category, price, manufacturer, size and much more.

  • The software product allows the user to search anything and that may include post types, PDFs, custom fields, WooCommerce product attributes, taxonomies, ACF fields.
  • WPSOLR’s indexing capability is high.
    Almost 70 different file types are supported by the software.

Website Search Simplified Using WPSOLR

The standard WordPress search may be inaccurate, not powerful and prompt. The WPSOLR is a WordPress plugin that attempts to replace the standard WordPress search by a more accurate, powerful and prompt website search. The plugin provides the website visitors with an optimized search experience. It helps the users to find the information they require.

Low Bounce rate

Clients or visitors of WordPress websites often leave the sites because of slow sites, websites returning wrong results. However, WPSOLR is accurate, it helps to search everywhere. Moreover, the searches are very prompt.  


Website search using the plugin is efficient and it helps the users to downsize the WordPress server.  

The Pricing Plan

Stop Losing Visitors Because Your Search Is Too Slow.
Get the plugin that gives them super-sonic searches. If you want to retain customers for your business then get the WPSOLR plugin in case you are using a WordPress website. There are businesses which offer the software product at different rates. Check the pricing plans of the software product before you avail the product.   

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