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Recover Data from Damaged HD in Raid – Hard Disk Data Recovery

The damages to hard disk happen when it crashes and becomes unable to perform their normal duties, causing the loss of all stored data. Damages to hard disk can occur for a number of reasons, some of which are exemplified below:

Physical failure

A hard drive in Raid may be physically damaged due to heat, moisture, or shock. These scenarios can cause severe damages to hard drive, making it to physically fail. Generally, the failure of fan giving sufficient cooling to hard disk may lead to accumulation of impurities in the air filter reaching excessive heat to the hard disk. Spilling water on hard drive can cause damages because of moisture, so spilling liquid into the notebook can cause electrical damages to hard drive. In such cases, hiring professionals is a cheap data recovery option.

Logical faults

A logical flaw is software-related and has nothing to deal with physical damages. The logical damage may occur due to virus attack, corrupted file and human error. The occurrence of well-known blue death display is a clear sign of logical damages tohard drive.

Mechanical failure

A hard disk contains certain mechanical components such as the disk and read-write pointers. Over time, such mechanical parts will deteriorate and eventually cause blockages and damages to hard drive. If you hear noises from clicks on hard drive, it’s a clear sign of mechanical damage. The mechanical damage in hard drive considered a serious problem during data recovery. In this case, Raid repair service is essential.

How to differentiate a physical damage of hard disk from a logical damage of hard disk?

Physical and logical damages can be distinguished based on the causes that direct to its occurrence. In the event of physical hard disk damage, overheating equals one type of physical damage. In addition, when a hard disk crashes after a liquid orshock has been caused on the components, it is definitely a physical damage. A logical damage with hard disk usually gives certain signals before it happens, for example the system gets too slow, sudden data loss and disk errors.

How do data recovery from a damaged hard disk

What to do if physical damage occurs on hard drive? You should recover and safeguard the data in another location.

If your hard disk still supports system operation on computer, even for some minutes, try quickly recovering data to other hard disk with data recovery tool such as MiniTool.

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