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Simplify and Manage Submittals Better with SKYSITE

The biggest challenge for construction professionals is to be able to complete a project within the stipulated time and budget.

There are several issues that cause overruns, like material delivery delays, unavailability of required materials, poor quality and inadequate quantity of the same, which can cause delays in the project

Submittal refers to the information, provided by contractors for approval. The information may pertain to necessary materials, equipment, design and more.

The submittal review or approval process includes checks and balances during the build phase. The main purpose is to ensure that the result conforms to the original design intent and meets the owner’s expectations. During the pre-construction phase, it is important for the owner, architect and contractor to know the roles and responsibilities of those tasked with implementing the submittal process, which must be properly managed. The submittal process can be quite time-consuming. But with the help of construction management software, one can easily manage such tasks without extending the deadline. To improve productivity, advanced technology plays a major role to speed up the process.

Managing Submittals in SKYSITE: With the help of cloud-based construction management software, such as SKYSITE, you can effectively deal with the submittal procedure. This software can be operated directly from your laptop, tablet or mobile.

No bottlenecks in workflow:

It can get complicated when it comes to handling submittals with multiple emails, stamps and a huge cache of untracked documents. Such processes not only require a lot of your time, but they can also interfere with the entire workflow. So, to make the submittal process simple and hassle-free, you need to switch to and efficient construction submittal software like, SKYSITE where you can create and manage project submittals in the cloud. The user-friendly submittal feature helps you to create issue-based workflow with just a few clicks. So, you can find, approve, manage and send submittals, easily.

Open Submittal Workflow:

Submittals now have an open workflow where you can freely pass it to multiple reviewers, in any order, after creating your submittal package. Simply choose the first reviewer and the team can pass until it’s been viewed by everyone who needs to be on-board. With SKYSITE, you can manage submittals and track the entire process. This helps to reduce project risk and save time.

Other value-added features that dynamically transform construction submittals:

  • You can streamline the workflow by making on-the-go submittals
  • You no longer need to search stamp to create submittals. Stamps are in-built and available on the cover page.
  • You can effortlessly make a custom submittal stamp disclaimer. Customize and automate your submittals stamp disclaimers for an easier and faster submittals process.
  • It enables you to approve submittals at the item level to avoid denial or holding up the entire package.
  • Consolidated Submittal-Transmittal page where you get submittals and transmittals all in one page, making submittals organization and management easier.
  • With Custom Field Attributes reduce risk with easy submittal tracking. Add any additional fields for filtering and reporting.

So, no more bottleneck in workflow anymore. With SKYSITE you can manage submittals smoothly and can complete any project within stipulated time without remaining any hassle of re-work.  

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