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Stop Data Misuse By Shredding Them Before Selling Your Device

Internet scams and frauds have been increasing with the increase in technology. No matter how many firewalls are invented, breaking the firewall is not a very tough thing to do. People somehow gets that small hole from where they can invade in to the private life of a person and hence making sure that you stay protected as far as you can is important.

We do tend to make sure that the files and folders that contain personal, official or private information stays protected in our devices so that no one gets to access them. Sometimes we do not let anyone alone with our devices too. But when we try to get rid of the same device, we just delete the files like we normally do and think that every information is gone which is not true at all.

These deleted data can still be fetched and restored if someone wants to do so desperately and hence one must ensure that any effort of recovering the deleted data fails no matter how efficient the data recovery software is. In order to permanently erase data before selling PC one must try the data erasing software that are available online. Some basic facts about the data deletion software are-

  • It is not for free- it does have a trial version and a one month money return offer but one needs to purchase the software for keeping the files deleted from the pc.
  • Life time free updates- once you purchase the software, the updated version can be installed for free and there are no further purchases in it.
  • Safe and secure- the software not only deleted the file but also over writes the disk space that have been freed after deletion ensuring that the data can never be restored again. Also, it does not spell a doom over the performance or life span of your pc.
  • Easy to use- permanently erase data before selling PC is easy to do as the software works on a user friendly interface which is easy to use and understand. One can just follow the steps and delete the data.
  • Nothing to panic- trying such software for the first time might make you think twice but you do not need to worry. The software deleted the data that has been selected and asks for your permission before deleting the same. So, unless you say a yes, none of your data is going to be deleted.

Reasons to delete data

Reasons for removing data from a device may vary from person to person. Some do it for freeing up the disk space by deleting the unwanted data, some just do it because they do not need some files or application anymore or are just bored of some games installed in the personal computer. Some might want to permanently erase data before selling PC to some unknown person. What so ever the reason be, the important factor is to own a software that ensures the deleted data remains unavailable for ever.

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