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The Most Common Finance Guest Post Guidelines

Are you new to guest blogging and wondering what the most common finance guest post guidelines are? You’ll be glad to know that all of that will be explained in this blog post. Read this to familiarize with what most finance blog owners are looking for in a guest blog and how to create long lasting relationships with them.

Original Material Only Please

You want to know the fastest way to get your finance guest blog post rejected and create a bad name for yourself in the blogging community the finance niche? Simply try to pass off someone else’s content as yours. Really, that’s all it’s take for you to quickly end any chance of getting a blog post up on any blog out there. Don’t be stupid on this one. Your finance guest blog post is going to go through Copyscape before it’s posted. No one is going to put up anything that’s not 100% original, because no one wants their blog to be penalized for duplicate content. So, if copying someone else’s blog post, forget about it now.

Lengthy Finance Blog Posts

If you’re serious about getting your finance blog post approved, then a 100 word article isn’t going to cut it. Most blog owners require guest posts to be anywhere between 500 to 1000 words. So, the point is, don’t try to skimp on the final word count of your blog post. If you want to help your blog post stand out exceed the minimum word count by at least 300 words. For example if the blog post is supposed to be a minimum of 500 words, send one that’s 800 words. That will impress the blog owner and possibly increase the chances of your blog post being accepted if it’s well written.

Niche Relevant Material Only

When you’re looking for a finance website to submit a guest post make sure it’s relevant to your niche. You aren’t likely to get a guest post approved on a dissimilar website. So, don’t waste your time submitting to a blog that’s outside of your specific finance niche.

Informative, Not Promotional

Blog owners don’t want you to send them over a guest blog post that reads like a sales letter, so don’t even try it. While it makes sense to write a guest blog post about your service or product, it doesn’t serve you to write a post that sells it. Just keep it informative and you’ll be fine. A good rule of thumb is to write a guest post that answers questions people have on that subject. Here are some of the kinds of guest posts most people enjoy:

  • How to
  • Top 10 Ways to
  • The Best Way to

As you can see, the heart of guest post guidelines are pretty common sense when you stop to think about it. Just write an interesting post that’s lengthy and original for a blog in your niche and you should be fine. Be sure not to plagiarize!

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