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What Is SEO and How It Works

If you have a website then you must have heard of SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization i.e. modifying your website in such a way that search engines find you worthy of a high rank in the search results. This is probably a very simplistic explanation, as it’s easier said than done.

The goal of SEO is to optimize search engine ranking for your website, but it isn’t some kind of tool that can get you there in record time. It’s more of a long term, continuous project as the goal is not to only reach the highest spot, but also to stay there.Image result for What Is SEO and How It Works

Role of keywords in SEO

Keywords are phrases that a searcher would use to find your site. It’s the job of the SEO firm to find the most relevant keywords and use them on the web pages.  The keywords are not picked randomly, a lot of research and analysis goes into that, including researching your competitors and finding out what keywords they are using. The keywords will be then used in content throughout the website, so that when someone searches for the keywords, your website will show up on the list.

Keywords in domain name

The domain name of your website needs to be chosen very carefully, try to include the most important keywords in the name. But don’t clutter it up too much. It should be easy to remember. In the SEO front including keywords in the domain is very advantageous. It will be much easier to show up in search results; also other sites will be more willing to backlink if the keywords are incorporated in domain name.

SEO takes time so be patience

If you have just launched a website, then you are already far behind your competitors who have been online for a while. They are most assuredly using SEO, so they have probably built up links all over the place. Research them and see what you can figure out. Your SEO Company will likely tell you to be patient, and they will be right. Optimize search engine ranking is hard work and will not happen in a day.


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